Primary School Heleny Salichove
Heleny Salichove 816, 725 25 Ostrava-Polanka nad Odrou, Czech Republic

tel./fax: +420 596 931 563

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headmaster: RNDr. Josef Teper
deputy head: Mgr. Šárka Sýkorová

Our primary school is a public day institution providing general education for pupils aged 6 – 15. It is a mixed school. This school year it is attended by 350 pupils in 9 forms. About 35 employees work in our school. Our school is maintained by the local authority. The premises of our school has lately undergone a detailed reconstruction inside and outside. The school is named after a local 20th-century painter and writer Helena Salichova. She also collected ethnographic material. 

Our curriculum is based on Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education  ( The language of teaching and our mother tongue is Czech. English and German are taught as foreign languages. 
Teachers and pupils make use of modern facilities: ICT and smart boards in every classroom, a newly built sports hall, a gallery, a ceramic workshop, a local art school. Our pupils join many projects and enter many competitions during each school year. They play sport (handball, volleyball, football, cycling, table tennis, floorball...). There is also a large variety of afternoon activities (e.g. school choir, ceramics, aerobics, chess). The Parents' and School Friends' Club organises many events during the school year. 

We are a rural based school situated in the village of Polanka nad Odrou, which has an agricultural character. Its population is about 4.800 inhabitants ( We are proud of its lovely countryside belonging to a protected landscape area known as Poodří ( On the horizon we can see the Beskydy Mountains or Sanatoria Klimkovice Spa ( Polanka is located in the suburbs of Ostrava, the 3rd largest town of the Czech Republic and its former steel heart ( 

 We are no more involved in any international partnership. We are very keen to establish one as soon as possible. We would like to start a partnership with a school abroad especially to practice and develop our English, present our country, its traditions, our lifestyle and to learn about a foreign country, make new friends and have more fun. We would like to join Comenius Project focused on sport. We already have positive experience with a 2-year Comenius language project on Free time, 2008 – 2010. We would like to practise English by discussing sport as a hobby (its advantages, rules etc.), to organize students' exchanges with tournaments, to concentrate on football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, floorball, to produce a small dictionary with sports vocabulary and sing popular sports songs, eventually write one. We don't insist on sports topic, the project can refer to culture in general. In addition we would like to make contact with schools all over the world for short term projects (e.g. through E-twinning, e-mails, video communication and websites). 

 Hope to hear from your school soon!